BAT-A-THON Round 3 Tomorrow…

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Action, American, BATATHON, Comedy, English-Language, RELAPSE, Summer
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As the country careens it’s way towards yet another celebration of its separation from the colonies, so shall we celebrate our separation from tact, class, sense and sanity this sunday, 9pm CST with Batman: The Movie starring the erstwhile god of the tiny screen Adam West along with a rogue’s gallery of talent-challenged, pathos-lacking, face-paint enthusiasts that make up the movie’s hodgepodge of villainy.

Join the team as we reunite for the epic end of our asshole-ish Trilogy. What jokes will escape our lips, touch my fingers and spread into the grand ocean of nonsense that is Twitter? Who will notice first that Cesar Romero refused to shave off his mustache and just painted over it instead? Will there be herpes jokes? Shark repellant?

Relationships will be tested. Giggles will be had. Wine shall be consumed. Will this be the last installment of the Bat-a-thon? Will this be the last time the gang rides out? (Spoilers: nope)

9pm. Sunday. June 30th. Be there (on the Internet).

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