BAT-A-THON Round 2 Tonight

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Action, American, BATATHON, Summer
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And so, like someone at a southern buffet, we’re back for round 2 of 7. As the giggling face of Jack Nicholson fades into the past, we are presented with the kooky eyes of Christopher Walken welcoming us to the present. Please join the crew: Huntsberger “I’d Poop in A Vault Every Day if I Could”, Kevin “Gigglicious”, Ryan “The Dragon”, Meg “Still Doesn’t Really Give a Shit” and Mooney “Who has two thumbs and is constantly typing? This…wait I have to tweet.” We’ll be beginning the live tweeting of Batman Returns at 9:30pm CST…don’t forget the time difference (if you live anywhere not in the midwest).

Get ready for round 2, bitches.

  1. Ready. By the way, Batman Returns is my favorite of the not-directed-by-Christopher-Nolan Batmans. No one will be a better Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer.


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